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When you are looking for a professional who offers natural dentistry services in Jupiter, schedule your consultation with Dr. Ilona Fotek. Dr. Fotek offers a full range of general dentistry procedures to help you maintain optimal oral health, and can help you maintain that beautiful smile for a lifetime using proven holistic techniques and methods. Whether you have missing teeth or are experiencing TMJ symptoms, we are here to help.

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Preservative free, cleansing paste along with essential oils.


Oral pathology involves diagnosing and treating diseases of the mouth such as cysts, tumors, and precancerous and cancerous lesions. Many patients experience unusual changes in the mouth, bone, gums, tongue, or throat that may or may not be caused by disease. Diagnosing diseases in the mouth as early as possible is very important. The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the faster treatment and healing can begin.


Dental restorative material used to restore the function, integrity and morphology of missing tooth structure.


A dental crown is a tooth shaped “cap” that fits snuggly over a tooth, completely covering it. Usually a crown is required to restore the size, shape, strength, or appearance of a tooth. We can fix teeth with dental crowns by encasing the visible portion of the tooth that lies above the gum line


Allow us the ability to completely transform your smile into one that you can be proud of for years. Advanced technology in the field of cosmetic dentistry has allowed us the ability to fix teeth with veneers and to give patients white, straight, and natural looking teeth without the use of braces or surgery.


When you need dental treatment that will rebuild or restore all of the teeth in the upper and lower jaw areas, you will be undergoing full mouth reconstruction. Also known as full mouth restoration or rehabilitation, the procedures and services performed in full mouth reconstruction can span several months and even years. These procedures often involve several dental specialists including periodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, endodontists, and general or cosmetic doctors because each specialist can address your very specific and unique needs.


If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, you may be causing unnecessary damage to the teeth, gums, and jaw joints. Dr. Fotek may treat bruxism by encouraging you to wear a nightguard while sleeping and by making some lifestyle changes that prevent you from grinding your teeth.


If you are experiencing chronic headaches, neck aches, jaw pain, or tenderness around the neck and jaw joints because of TMJ Syndrome, you may need to see our holistic dentist in Jupiter, FL for a customized treatment. TMJ problems may be caused by trauma to the mouth, teeth grinding habits, or arthritis. We may recommend relaxation exercises and wearing a nightguard as part of your TMJ treatment plan.


Will help to protect your teeth from the effects of grinding while you sleep. However, in order to cease teeth grinding completely, it is important to treat the triggers for why you grind your teeth.


If you have multiple missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw, Dr. Fotek may recommend dentures as your tooth replacement procedure. Our dentures are designed to look and feel very natural. Dr. Fotek may recommend full or partial dentures, depending on how many teeth are missing in each arch.


Tooth extractions may be necessary when you have one or more decayed, damaged, or infected teeth. We perform simple and surgical tooth extractions in our office to improve your oral health or to prepare your mouth for other dental procedures. Dr. Fotek will do everything possible to make this as comfortable as possible.


Patients with amalgam fillings can come to our office to have these fillings removed and replaced with safer materials. Amalgam fillings, otherwise known as silver fillings, contain mercury which is believed to contribute to health problems. Composite fillings are a healthier and safer alternative.

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