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Guest Reviews
Sara Butz

Living my best life! Holistic health care is a top priority. Extremely happy to have found a holistic dentist close to home. Dr Fotek loves what she does and it carries on to her patients. Extremely happy with my teeth cleaning experience thanks to a quality hygienist Mustafa you work with intention and take the time to educate your patients. You truly care for them and their health and it shows thank you! The entire staff is very welcoming.

Rick S.

Excellent all around. I have been searching for a Dental Office & Dentist that I felt comfortable with and would do the proper & best proceedure to fix my broken molar. I definitely made the right choice. The proceedure that Dr. Fotek did was much better than what was described by other Dentists. The office is very modern & up to date certainly a notch above the other offices I’ve been in. Dr. Fotek was able to fit me into the schedule right away. It was not a simple proceedure, the results of which I am extremely pleased. Dr. Fotek is an amzingly knowledgeable Dentist who was also able to put me at ease. I highly recommend this office.

Lynne Moon

My hygienist, K.K. is always professional, skilled, friendly and takes good care of my teeth and gums. I appreciate the warm neck wrap. Dr. Fotek is the best dentist I have ever had (and I have been to MANY over the decades.) The front office staff is efficient and pleasant. I am willing to drive a bit further to get care at this office because everyone does such a good job.

Paula Nothstine

We LOVE Dr. Fotek and her staff!!! Because of insurance issues, we tried another dentist. We came back after one visit somewhere else because of her gentle, thorough, and holistic approach. Her office and tech staff make you feel like you’re at home. Her services and care are well worth paying for! I am 46 years old and have never experienced a dentist quite like her in my entire life. You won’t be disappointed.

Joseph Featherstone

My experience with Dr. Ilona and her staff was BY FAR my best experience at a dental office! Their office is warm and inviting and the equipment was state of the art. I felt very comfortable and confident that they had my best interests in mind and were capable of meeting all my needs. Will definitely be recommending friends and family! Thank you, Dr. Ilona!

David Mesard

I wish to sincerely thank you and your staff for assisting me with my dental issues and cleanings over the last 2 years!!

Your fine staff are to be commended for their total courtesy, thoroughness and professionalism. I would like to give a special thanks to Dental Hygienist Priscilla for taking the time and extra effort in my most recent visit. She went way above the call of duty in dealing with my tough teeth cleaning situation.

Priscilla is, by far, one of the most detailed and meticulous hygienists I have ever experienced. She gets Five Stars!

Thanks, again, to everyone, for putting up with me!!

Bonnie Mackey, PhD, Certified Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner

“The process of evaluation, preparation and restoration of my teeth is beyond what any dentist has ever provided me. Dr. Fotek’s work is perfection at best. She and her staff are very caring and compassionate about their work. Their work is done with absolute honesty and integrity.

“Dr. Fotek brings dental practice to a whole other level. She is highly trained and skilled in the practice of both conventional and bio-dentistry (natural dentistry). She offers a full array of dental services.

“Dr. Fotek incorporates conventional practice as a general and highly specialized dentist. She has expanded that practice model to include natural medicine. For example, where many dentists offer root canals, Dr. Fotek applies her expert knowledge, finds other natural ways to treat, and has great success in doing so. She incorporates ozone treatments and is mindful of the use of non-toxic products. She has also created a healthy and meticulous work environment that offers comfort and care through the use of essential oils, a warm neck cushion for support, gentle lighting, soft music, and more.

“Gone are the old ways of dentistry. Bio-dentistry is here and has come to the forefront of dentistry and healthcare in America. For anyone who cares at all about their dental and general health, I suggest working with a well-trained and skilled bio-dentist. Without any reservation, I highly recommend Dr. Fotek as the “go-to” for bio-dentistry. Not only is Dr. Fotek my dentist, but she is the dentist I recommend to the patients I serve.”

Bonnie Mackey, PhD, NP, APHN-BC

Paula Nothstine

We LOVE Dr. Fotek and her staff!!! Because of insurance issues, we tried another dentist. We came back after one visit somewhere else because of her gentle, thorough, and holistic approach. Her office and tech staff make you feel like you’re at home. Her services and care are well worth paying for! I am 46 years old and have never experienced a dentist quite like her in my entire life. You won’t be disappointed.

Suzanne Larock

Always professional, courteous and caring. Also worth mentioning, the facility is modern with up to date equipment and technology that aids in the overall experience being more pleasurable. Extremely clean as well.
I would not entertain going elsewhere.

Bonne Davey

Nobody falls in love with their dentist but I can say Dr. Fotek and her staff were the most delightful dental care I have ever experienced. My appointment to do safe amalgam removal was scheduled for two hours. It took more than 3 hours to do the work I needed. I never felt like they were rushing. They were totally sensitive to my comfort and I’m actually looking forward to returning to do the next quadrant of my mouth. Thank you Dr. Fotek and staff. I also highly recommend her concierges service.

Thadra Petkus

I felt very well cared for during my experience with Dr Fotek. From the heated neck pillow and earphones playing music to drown out the drilling to the little chocolate on my way out the door, Dr. Fotek has thought of everything to make her patients as comfortable as possible. But most of all, I appreciated her care and concern during our consultation when she patiently answered all of my questions before starting my procedure. Her dental assistant was extremely compassionate as well. Thank you!

Payton Frank

Entire staff is amazing and makes sure that I experience no discomfort regardless of the procedure. Everyone is so kind and welcoming. Best dentist I have ever been to. 5-STARS!!!

Rachel Valentine

I love Dr. Fotek and her dental office! She is kind, professional, and I appreciate her holistic approach to dental medicine. All of the staff is also kind and very helpful. KK gave me a GREAT dental cleaning! I had my first ever cavity treated here and I am very happy with the experience. I would highly recommend this dentist.

Paula Nothstine

I have hoped for a mercury safe dentist with a more natural, organic approach to dentistry for many years. We moved to Jupiter last year and found Dr. Fotek in a directory from Ora Wellness. She and her staff are wonderful. We wouldn’t dream of going any where else!

Jo Gallico

5-STAR hands down! Service, technology offered, holistic approach, pain-free procedures, friendly staff, hot scented neck pillow to relax before a procedure, delicious tea at the lobby… I could keep going! Dr. Fotek is a great biological specialist. I would recommend her to the most picky of patients!

Cheri Sarner

I am beyond thrilled with this dental practice. I have never had a more thorough yet gentle examination and dental cleaning. WOW! I felt completely secure and at ease with Dr. Fotek and her staff. I do need to have a mercury filling removed and I will be using Dr. Fotek to do this procedure. In addition to Dr. Fotek’s exceptional training, read her bio on her website, I was impressed with her extensive knowledge of vitamins, minerals, diet, etc… and how they can keep your mouth healthy and teeth clean. So important. The office is beautifully modern, in decor and in the latest dental technology, yet feels like a spa, and the people are so kind. This practice is an A+++++

Margaret Dabrowska

Thanks to Dr. Ilona Fotek and her staff, I can finally put my long and frustrating quest to find the right dentist to rest.
I am home! Dental Healing Arts is reliable, honest, inviting and above all holistic. The gentle hands of Dr.Fotek paired with her incredible knowledge in this field is a recipe for magic. She is a true artist! Her passion for true and lasting healing and search for the best newest research is mirrored by the plethora of books in her reception area as well as her enthusiasm.
She also graciously updates her patient’s knowledge base by sending encouraging and very informative news letters. I have applied some of that wisdom already and couldn’t be happier. In addition her staff is efficient, polite, friendly and attentive!
Dr. Fotek’s assistant, Natalia is incredible, experienced, caring.
The office itself feels more like a spa than a dental office and is very clean and inviting. You truly feel like you’re going to see your friend, not to a dental visit.
Thank you Dr. Fotek and Staff !!

Paulette Dolak

The office was very professional clean and attentive. Very pleased with the products used and the attention to detail. I recommend this office to ALL in need of a general dentist! 😊

Cheryl Currao

Dr. Fotek and her staff are great! I was looking for a holistic dentist who was also compassionate, knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Fotek fits the bill perfectly. She is also great with children; I brought my 2 daughters to see her for cleanings/fillings. Both of them had been traumatized by a prior dentist and were anxiety-ridden at the prospect of going to a dentist. Dr. Fotek and her caring staff facilitated an emotional-recovery for both my daughters. I am ecstatic to say they are both much more comfortable going to the dentist now! Rachel is incredible at the front desk and is extremely warm and friendly. KK (sp?) is super friendly and fantastic with kids!! Natalie is compassionate and nurturing and Dr. Fotek is superb!

Fiona Tan

Wonderful Dentist that understands the importance of a holistic treatment! Experienced and attentionate staff, serene atmosphere. Would definetely recommend it to anyone in the area!

Andrea Betances

I have been to see Dr. Ilona Foteck several times. Most recent visit had a CEREC crown placed. It was a wonderful experience from the moment I entered the office. Careful attention to detail is placed and you trully feel cared for. The entire staff is sweet and very accommodating. I make the dr from North Broward (hr drive each way), because I trust Dr. Foteck’s approach to holistic care. I highly recommend her.

Lindsey Rossi

Dr. Ilona Fotek was amazing! By far the best holistic practice I’ve ever been too. Not only did Dr Fotek take the time to explain the Treatment in great detail, she also gave me different holistic approaches and options. The hygienist incorporated essential oils and utilized the NuCalm throughout my entire visit, which helped me relax and enjoy my cleaning.
The practice administrator Heather not only brought me a warm neck roll but help facilitate my next visits and explained the treatment throughly.
This dental practice is like going to a spa, I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for five star experience.

Thomas Mitchell

We are new arrivals to Palm Beach County and this was my third visit to Dr. Fotek’s wonderful “Dental Healing Arts”. Dr. Fotek adjusted a crown done in another state and today Khalymar made my teeth pearly white again. “K-K” is the best dental hygienist I have been to in many decades. Dr. Fotek and K-K have made my introduction to Palm Beach a most welcome one.

Jorge J. Carrillo

My experience with Dr. Ilona Fotek was absolutely outstanding! I was extremely impressed not only by her professionalism and the way she treated me as a person, but also by her wonderful staff. They were friendly, extremely helpful in scheduling me as soon as possible and thorough in discussing treatment plans, etc. I am a physician who has been in practice for the last 40 yrs and I must say I was extremely touched by the compassion she showed not only to me, but also with the relative of a patient who was being treated the same day I was there. I recommend her as a top specialist and my entire family will be seeing her for dental care.

Ivy Larson

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Fotek and her incredible staff. I initially consulted Dr. Fotek because I have MS and I was concerned about the amalgam fillings that were put in my mouth almost 25 years ago (I am 41 years old now). I have always worried about having amalgam in my mouth, but I was also very concerned about the potential danger of removing them. However, after consulting with Dr. Fotek I made the decision to go ahead and start the removal process. We started with two fillings today and the safety precautions she took were truly above and beyond anything that I had anticipated. I honestly can say I do not think I have ever been to a dentist who put more time and effort into a filling removal than Dr. Fotek. I have complete confidence in her and I am most appreciative for how much she put my mind at ease (because I was VERY worried about the entire process!)

Gretchen Kimbark

We are newer patients to Dr. Fotek but have been very well pleased with the professionalism and care we have received there. Myself, my husband and children alike have all had positive experiences with Dr. Fotek and her staff. The office is very well maintained and we are always greeted with smiles. We also appreciate the fact that she maintains a holistic approach to her practicing and feel very at ease with her. We would highly recommend Dr. Fotek.