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Advanced Dental Techniques With A Holistic, Natural Dentistry Approach

Natural Dentistry for a Beautiful Smile

Since 2002, Dr. Ilona Fotek and the team at Dental Healing Arts have been helping patients maintain beautiful smiles through a natural, holistic approach. Dr. Fotek serves patients with a comprehensive range of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures using holistic and natural dentistry techniques. We incorporate aromatherapy, ozone therapy, and BPA-free materials in our treatments so that patients can enjoy numerous benefits of holistic dentistry.

Advanced Dental Techniques With A Holistic, Natural Dentistry Approach

Beautiful and Comfortable Dental Office Setting

We cater to our patients in a new office setting designed with natural themes and decor. We want every visit with us to be a pleasant one and take the time to learn about our patients, prepare customized treatment plans, and serve each individual with a conservative, holistic approach to dentistry. Whether you are undergoing a smile makeover or need preventive care services, we are here to serve you in a beautiful, comfortable, and inviting environment.

A Natural Approach To Family and Cosmetic Dentistryy

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Comprehensive Care from a Team of Holistic Dental Professionals

We are a bi-lingual office and are here to serve you with some of the latest treatments and advances in natural dentistry. Dr. Fotek and our team members are always working to further our education and training with courses at esteemed institutes such as Dawson Academy. We work hard to provide patients with a high level of care using the latest techniques and innovations in the industry. Dr. Fotek uses the safest materials in our office for procedures such as safe amalgam removal. We are affiliated with IASMT, AAD, ADA, FDA, Univeristy of Michigan, The Dawson Academy, HDA, NuCalm, Invisalign, PerioProtect, and IADBM.

On Call Dentist at Your Service

If you are dealing with any type of dental emergency or situation that requires immediate attention, we are available for your convenience. We can also accommodate for most emergency cases the very same day. Let us take care of you when you are experiencing a toothache, jaw pain, knocked-out teeth, or any other issue that demands immediate care or treatment.

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    High-End Technologies

    We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to achieve optimal results with all of our services and procedures. Dr. Fotek uses high-end equipment and innovative techniques to restore your oral health with minimal trauma to the mouth.


    Experienced Laser Dentistry

    Dr. Fotek and their staff are committed to continuing education to ensure patients are receiving the best possible care.


    Holistic Approach

    Dr. Fotek uses a holistic approach when performing cosmetic and general dentistry to ensure the patient’s overall health. He has extensive experience performing minimally-invasive procedures using laser technology.