Biologic Dentistry

A biological dentist is a dentist who practices dentistry while understanding that what happens to the teeth and gums may have an impact on the rest of the body. Biologic dentists believe that prevention is the best cure, that tooth decay can be cured or prevented with proper nutrition, and that we should use all dental materials with a healthy degree of skepticism. Biologic dentists believe that placing metal or other foreign materials in the teeth and gums may have unintended consequences. Although mainstream dentistry seeks to improve oral health, the focus of our biologic dentistry practice is each patient’s overall health. We strive to see past the obvious symptoms and benefit a patient’s overall health by making the connection between the body and the mouth. By using materials that are less invasive and healthier for your mouth, we can help your teeth more naturally.

Many people do not realize just how great an impact the state of oral health has on the body. At the core of our biologic dentistry practice is this very understanding. When consulting with a patient, our team assesses the present issues and then looks beyond the symptoms to determine the underlying cause. In treating the body, the mouth will benefit, and vice versa. We only use the best and most up to date methods and materials to ensure your health is protected. Perhaps one of the things that biologic dentistry is best known for is its avoidance of the use of metal in restorative procedures. While some dental practices stand behind the use of amalgam fillings, which are the single greatest source of mercury exposure, your biologic dentist makes the decision not to use this material based on studies which have shown it to be detrimental to health.