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Orthodontic treatment without the brackets and wires!

Get Beautiful and Straight Teeth with Invisalign®

If you have always wanted straight teeth and a more beautiful smile, talk to Dr. Ilona Fotek about the benefits of Invisalign®. Clear aligners are an effective solution for many patients who have crooked or misaligned teeth. They work to slowly reposition the teeth with minimal discomfort. Unlike metal braces, these aligners are virtually invisible and can be removed to eat and when brushing and flossing the teeth.

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The Clear Alternative To Traditional Braces

Invisalign® is an innovative system that works to gently move the teeth into position without brackets and wires. As your Invisalign® dentist in Jupiter, FL, Dr. Fotek will fit you with a custom set of aligners that are replaced every few weeks as the teeth shift into their new positions. Invisalign® works slowly, but is very effective for producing long lasting results. Patients only feel initial mild discomfort as the new aligner is set in place, and the overall experience is very comfortable. Dr. Fotek will use special software to create your custom set of aligners based on the goals of treatment and will monitor you throughout treatment to ensure everything is shifting as it should.

Getting A Beautiful Smile Is Easier Than You May Think

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If you want straight teeth and a more beautiful smile, talk to Dr. Fotek about some of the latest orthodontic treatments available. As a premier Invisalign® dentist in Jupiter, FL, Dr. Fotek can help you achieve your cosmetic goals with an innovative clear aligner system.

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