Change Your Life with a Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Increased confidence and a constant smile are what you can expect after your makeover.

Improving Your Oral Health

Your mouth is a highly complex system comprised of several different moving and sensitive parts, such as teeth, gums, jaw, and inner cheeks. While these parts may seem individual, they are all interconnected. For example, how your lower and upper jaw meet is called an occlusion. If your teeth are not aligned properly, this can result in multiple dental problems, such as reduced bite strength and tooth decay.

In some cases, your teeth may require a full-mouth reconstruction, which is a treatment designed to remedy any and all issues that may be compromising your dental and holistic well-being. By addressing your holistic oral health in a single procedure, Dr. Fotek will be able to restore the beauty and ability to your smile. Contact Dental Healing Arts today to learn more about how you can change your life with a full-mouth reconstruction.

Get Your Oral Health in Harmony

When one part of your mouth isn’t working well, it can lead to other problems elsewhere in your body. For example, the previously mentioned misalignment of the jaw could easily result in tooth decay. If you leave tooth decay untreated, it will cause additional tooth loss due to the uneven wear on various tissues and the destruction of the pulp of your tooth.

At the same time, if you have dental caries, it’s highly likely you could have a periodontal infection, which leads to bone tissue loss and gum loss. It’s important to have regular dental exams to detect these problems as early as possible to reduce the overall damage.

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    Problems with Your Smile

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    Problems with Your Smile

    In addition to the cosmetic implications, tooth loss can cause other problems in your dental health. When your teeth are fractured, it creates surfaces that are hard to reach, resulting inless flossing and brushing time. As a result, these surfaces increase the risk of oral infection. If your lower and upper arches do not fit well together and you suffer from damaged teeth, you run the risk of further discomfort in your jaw.

    Emotional Implications of Your Smile

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    Emotional Implications of Your Smile

    If your mouth and smile are not up to par, it can have a negative effect on your emotional well-being. Your smile plays an infinite role in your appearance. This means if you suffer from damaged, missing, or infected teeth, it can damage your self-confidence, and affect the wayyou interact with other people. There is a clear solution and Dr. Fotek is able to restore your smile through a full-mouth reconstruction procedure.

    Why Should I Choose A Full-Mouth Reconstruction
    If you’re ready to transform the health of your smile and your appearance, a full-mouth reconstruction may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

    What Can a Full-Mouth Reconstruction Do for You?

    A full-mouth reconstruction can address your oral issues from a holistic approach and allows you to have several procedures performed at one time. Our Jupiter office utilizes the latest and most state-of-the-art imaging technology to create an exact replica of your mouth. This allows us to holistically and effectively address your whole mouth and create dynamic multi-dimensional treatment plans.

    The Full-Mouth Reconstruction Procedure

    Each patient who visits our Jupiter office has a different oral issue. This means no two full-mouth constructions or rehabilitations are the same. Each individual’s combinations of treatments are subject to vary depending on their needs. In any case, we typically address the most difficult issues and those that pose the higher priority health risk first. This could include a root canal therapy and periodontal therapy to get rid of tooth decay and gum disease.

    In some cases, patients have bone loss, which warrants a bone graft. After the initial treatments have been completed, we can then utilize removable dentures, implants, and bridges to replace lost teeth. Certain situations require temporary solutions prior to final treatment in order to recreate balance and comfort while determining the ultimate esthetic result.

    Overcoming Dental Phobia


    Although several people acknowledge the need of dental work, a staggering number of individuals suffer from dental phobia. Sedation therapy is one of the premier ways to overcome your dental phobia and get the necessary work done. With oral sedation therapy, you can stay calm and awake through the entire procedure. In addition, our luxurious Jupiter office features additional amenities, such as aromatherapy and silent handpieces.

    If you suffer from oral health problems and are ready to smile like never before, contact us to schedule your no-obligation consultation today!