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Oral Surgical Solutions

Dr. Fotek and her team provide a wide array of oral surgical procedures at the ultramodern Jupiter practice. The Dental Healing Arts offers a warm and inviting environment along with state-of-the-art equipment, which makes it the premier place to perform tooth removal. All of our technologies are used to ensure the highest level of accuracy in diagnostics as well as treatment planning. In addition, Dr. IIona Fotek may utilize oral sedation, which ensures patients are comfortable regardless of any dental anxieties through the procedure. To learn more about oral surgery, contact the Dental Healing Arts for an appointment.

Dead Teeth Extraction

All healthy normal teeth have living tissue in the innermost part of the tooth, which is called the pulp. This living tissue plays an extremely important in the development of the tooth. In the event of trauma or dental infection, hydration and nutrients stop flowing into the tooth and eventually the pulp dies. While dental crowns may be able to reinforce the tooth and protect it from further damage, this isn’t always an option. Instead of waiting for the dead tooth to break and cause infection, the best solution is to see Dr. Fotek for an extraction. Dr. Fotek can also suggest several aesthetically pleasing and reliable restorations, including dental implants that can be placed during your extraction appointment.

Bone Grafts

Sometimes, patients may want to receive dental implants but do not have sufficient bone mass in their jaw. In these cases, Dr. Fotek works with the best specialist who will place a bone graft to create the necessary healthy foundation.

Other Oral Surgeries

With the overall goal of ensuring our patients have the best possible smile, Dr. Fotek may advise extraction to reduce tooth crowding in preparation for orthodontic treatment. If your gums are damaged by gum disease, Dr. Fotek can recommend soft tissue grafts. At Dental Healing Arts, Dr. Fotek and her dedicated team are here for you.